Fillead is not only the name of the world, but a country as well.

Fillead is a monarchy, in which the current rulers are King Carell and Queen Maren. The country isn’t very ambitious in claiming new territory, because it is bordered by the sea in the West, and completely bordered by tall mountains everywhere else. Their sea is named, “Goraneh,” which in old Filleadian means, “seamonster.” A fairly obvious name, considering that the sea managed to supersize everything you find in the ocean on Earth. Now, it is dangerous to sail too much into the open, say about 30 miles off shore, because you risk being eaten by a Megaladon Shark. Jok67

The people of the country are very superstitious with good reason. Because the world decided to learn magic instead of science all of the superstitions are well founded. Luck and Fate are very prominent factors in the world, even though it takes either an extremely good or bad deed to sway either, like saving or taking someone’s life. Obviously, the Gods of fate don’t care whether you went to bed on time or snapped at your sibling when they got on your nerves.

The country’s forests main inhabitants are the magical creatures, such as demons, elves and fairies, although sometimes they deviate and mingle with humans.

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